7 items to complement your HP Stream 14 laptop and increase your efficiency

7 items to complement your HP Stream 14 laptop and increase your efficiency. Laptops are indispensable. Whether for school, work, or entertainment, you log many hours in front of your computer. 

The HP Stream 14 laptop is lightweight, budget-friendly, and seamlessly lets you shift from work to streaming your favorite shows. This portable and stylish laptop design enables you to carry it around easily. The upgraded Wi-Fi antenna provides a stronger, more dependable Internet connection. In addition, the enhanced battery offers 14-15 hrs of battery life for long hours of uninterrupted streaming, working, gaming, and more. 

Use proper accessories to get the most out of this nimble laptop. With the 7 essential laptop accessories listed below, you can secure your laptop, set up an ergonomic workspace, and increase productivity.

1. Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

Are you complaining of aching wrists and hands? Prolonged laptop use leaves you with strained arms.

Switching to wireless keyboards and mouse can help alleviate the strain through their structure and build that supports natural movements of the hands and wrists. In addition, the wireless receiver attached to the USB port on your computer transmits a signal from the mouse/keyboard to your system, giving you the freedom to operate from a distance. 

A few noteworthy characteristics of a wireless keyboard are the split-curved keyframe, curved chassis, and tenting capabilities. However, the best ergonomic mouse is designed with a curved shape that fits naturally into the palm of your hand and an adjustable scrolling wheel so that you can customize it for maximum comfort and control. In addition, the USB mouse is portable and often small enough to fit into the side pockets of your laptop bag.

2. Headphones

Juggling between office calls and focused work? 

Invest in a good pair of headphones with a microphone for a clearer speaking and crisper listening experience. Otherwise, you’ll be caught in endless back and forth from lack of clarity caused by poor headphones and speakers. 

If you’re serious about reducing background noise when it’s time to focus, noise-canceling headphones designed with active noise control methods are an excellent investment. 

3. Laptop Stand

Laptops are portable, allowing you to move around and work from anywhere. Yet, they’re not posture-friendly and may lead to back aches and other unwanted discomforts. The varying viewing angles of a laptop stand are proven to lessen physical strain, pain, and poor posture. 

Furthermore, a laptop stand with built-in cooling pad helps lower the device’s internal temperature, which is brought on by intense usage of the keyboard and mouse. It will keep everything operating smoothly without overheating or draining by allowing unrestricted airflow. Therefore, a single item offers you two wonderful advantages, making it worthwhile.

4. Protective Sleeve

Prevent dust, scratch, dents, and spillage on your expensive laptop with a protective sleeve while on the go. The sleeve is designed to snug your computer around, usually with a soft water-resistant fabric and cushion padding on both the front and back. There’s also a zipper to keep the computer intact, and it comes with a zippered front pocket where you can throw in your stationery and headphones.  

Some protective sleeves come with handles and straps to carry, while others can be worn crossbody. But majorly, a protective sleeve is used as an added layer of protection while carrying the laptop in a backpack. 

5. USB Hub

​​Do you have more gadgets on your desk than your laptop has ports for? 

Before you dive into the details, there are primarily two types of USB hubs– powered and non-powered. While powered hubs come with their own AC adapter and plug into the mains, the non-powered draw power from your computer. 

For accommodating smaller, low-power devices like the keyboard, mouse, and even your mobile charger, a compact adapter with added USB ports (usually 3 to 7) is a good investment. This USB adapter draws a power supply from your computer.  

For larger devices, the only option is to have a powered USB hub. This eliminates the need for your computer to supply power and can be used with devices like printers, scanners,s and fax machines.

6. External Hard Drive

Running out of space? An efficient external hard drive is a life-saver when you’re struggling to sort your files to store or running out of space in your system. 

Based on your need, you can choose from either the HDD or SSD. While they both are functionally similar, they do things slightly differently. For example, an SSD is faster and more expensive. 

If you do not have big enough data, simply back up your laptop or transfer data between computers with a reliable hard drive and access your files whenever needed. Another cheap alternative for file transfers is the handy USB drives. 

7. Bluetooth Speaker

Do you often ignore the doorbell, your children’s cries for assistance, or your pet’s call for a break? You’re most likely completely lost in your world with your headphones on.

You can always use Bluetooth speakers to enjoy better audio quality in work conversations while remaining aware of events taking place at home. Additionally, Bluetooth speakers feature superb sound quality than standard headphones because they are constructed using advanced audio technology.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy watching a movie or playing your favorite playlist with a BlueTooth speaker for exceptional audio performance.


Considering the high cost of laptops and their importance in our daily lives, it is essential to take steps to protect and preserve your investment. There are countless options in the market, and being an informed consumer is the best way to ensure you get exactly what you want and need. And this list is a good starting point. 

While you definitely don’t need to purchase everything on this list, something here will likely pique your interest if you’re in the market for new accessories. Some additional ‘nice-to-have’ accessories include a mouse pad, screen protector, keyboard cover, webcam, laptop bag, mic, ring light, and UPS. 


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