Why WWE Friday Night SmackDown has undergone a number of changes

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WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown has been a staple of sports entertainment for years, captivating fans with its thrilling matches and captivating storylines. However, the road to delivering top-notch entertainment isn’t always smooth, and the show has recently encountered its fair share of creative changes. From unexpected alterations in matches to last-minute cancellations, Friday Night SmackDown has undergone a series of transformations, leaving fans wondering about the reasons behind these shifts. In this article, we delve into the world of WWE and explore the factors contributing to the recent changes in the beloved show.

The Creative Upheaval

One of the main reasons behind the changes on Friday Night SmackDown revolves around the creative aspect of the show. WWE, known for its elaborate storylines and carefully planned matches, faced unexpected challenges that led to creative changes throughout the day of the event. Reports from PWInsider revealed that WWE made revisions to previously booked SmackDown content due to medical reasons. Some talents were pulled from the show, sparking speculation among fans about the nature of these changes.

WWE Friday night Smackdown

The COVID-19 Factor

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, no industry has remained untouched, and professional wrestling is no exception. According to the rounds of rumors, some wrestlers have either tested positive for COVID-19 or come into direct contact with someone who has. These unfortunate circumstances have forced WWE’s hand in making changes to their planned matches and in-ring segments. With the health and safety of their superstars and crew at the forefront, WWE had to pivot and adapt to the evolving situation.

Charlotte Flair’s Surprising Inclusion

One of the most notable changes involved the unexpected inclusion of Charlotte Flair in a Triple Threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship at SummerSlam. Earlier on Friday, WWE.com had announced Asuka’s scheduled opponent for SummerSlam, but just hours before the show, a social media announcement caught fans off guard. Asuka would now defend her title against both Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair. The in-ring segment, originally planned with Adam Pearce on SmackDown, was canceled to accommodate this change.

Austin Theory’s United States Championship Defense

Another significant focus of the recent changes was the United States Championship Invitational. WWE had been building anticipation for weeks, leading up to the final match that would determine the contender to challenge Austin Theory for the United States Championship. Speculation arose about whether the title match would take place on the August 4 edition of SmackDown or be featured on the SummerSlam card, scheduled for August 5.

The Deliberation Over the Title Match

The uncertainty surrounding the United States Championship match has been a topic of discussion among fans and wrestling enthusiasts alike. As per Dave Meltzer’s report on F4Wonline, Austin Theory is set to face the Invitational winner on a future edition of SmackDown. WWE has, in the past, held title matches on SmackDown just before a Premium Live Event. This raises the possibility of the title match taking place on the final edition of Friday Night SmackDown before the much-anticipated SummerSlam.

The Venue and Talent Changes

Apart from creative and medical reasons, venue logistics and talent decisions also played a role in the recent changes. The Amway Center in Orlando, Fla., has been a crucial location for WWE events, but unforeseen circumstances led to alterations in planned matches and segments. The decision to remove the in-ring segment with Asuka, Belair, and Flair ultimately resulted in Charlotte Flair’s surprise match against IYO SKY on the same night.

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Looking Ahead to the Future

As Friday Night SmackDown moves forward, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the resolution of these changes and their impact on upcoming storylines and title matches. The unpredictable nature of professional wrestling only adds to the excitement, and WWE’s ability to adapt and deliver top-notch entertainment even in the face of challenges is a testament to their dedication to their fans.


WWE Friday Night SmackDown has undergone several changes, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of sports entertainment. From creative adjustments to unforeseen medical issues, the show has faced its fair share of obstacles. The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a shadow over the wrestling world, necessitating quick decision-making to prioritize the safety of all involved. While changes can sometimes catch fans off guard, they also pave the way for intriguing storylines and unexpected matchups, keeping the excitement alive for WWE enthusiasts worldwide. As the journey continues, Friday Night SmackDown stands as a testament to WWE’s resilience and commitment to delivering thrilling, action-packed entertainment to its loyal audience.

Frequently Asked Question

1. FAQ: What led to the recent changes in WWE Friday Night SmackDown?
Short Answer: The changes were prompted by a combination of creative decisions and medical reasons, including some talent being pulled due to COVID-19-related issues.

2. FAQ: Why was Charlotte Flair included in the Triple Threat match for the WWE Women’s Championship at SummerSlam?
Short Answer: Charlotte Flair’s inclusion was a last-minute creative change, replacing the originally scheduled opponent for WWE Women’s Champion Asuka.

3. FAQ: When will the United States Championship Match between Austin Theory and the Invitational Winner take place?
Short Answer: The exact date for the United States Championship Match has not been confirmed yet, but it is expected to happen on a future edition of SmackDown.

4. FAQ: Were any in-ring segments canceled on short notice during Friday Night SmackDown?
Short Answer: Yes, an in-ring segment featuring Asuka, Bianca Belair, and Charlotte Flair was canceled just hours before the show.

5. FAQ: Why was the decision made to schedule Charlotte Flair in a match against IYO SKY on Friday Night SmackDown?
Short Answer: The decision to book Charlotte Flair in a match against IYO SKY was made after the cancellation of the original in-ring segment, creating an opportunity for another match on the show.

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