Are Laptops Cheaper In Dubai Than In The Us? -Full Guide

Are Laptops Cheaper In Dubai Than In The Us? Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It makes a prime location for shopping and finding deals on electronics. This article will discuss whether laptops and computers are cheaper in Dubai than in the US. If you want to know what it would cost for a laptop in Dubai, then keep reading!

Laptops are not always cheaper in Dubai than in the United States. Many brands have similar prices across different countries, but there is also a lot of variety to be found! “It’s difficult to say whether or not laptops are cheaper in Dubai unless you do your research beforehand.”
When buying a laptop in Dubai, you should remember that a global warranty applies to all laptops. If you brought the laptop to another country, it would be considered an “accidentally fallen,” and the customer support team will not repair it under warranty.

How Much Does A Good Laptop Cost In Dubai?

Buying a laptop in Dubai can be difficult if you do not know the available deals. Laptops with higher specs will cost more, but some consider it worth it for their improved performance.

A good laptop should cost around AED 8000, but some models sell for AED 10000. Is it a good price depending on each laptop’s capabilities and features?

What Is The Average Price Of A Laptop In Dubai?

  • The average price of a laptop in Dubai is around AED 6000.
  • It is roughly the same as purchasing a laptop elsewhere because many stores will sell them at a higher price.
  •  A new laptop should not cost more than AED 4000, but you can find some that sell for upwards of AED 10 000.
  • It is a good price depending on each laptop’s specs and capabilities.

Yes, you will likely find some laptop prices in Dubai less than what you would pay in the US. However, do you assume that they are all cheaper? Compare prices online and check out specific stores before making purchases to know if they are selling at a good price.

A reason to know

Are laptops cheaper in Dubai than in the US? YES, laptops are more affordable in Dubai. The reason is an exempt country from all duties, so that is the reason for it. They are making electronic products cheaper than elsewhere in the world.

Is there a place that sells the best and cheapest laptops in Dubai?

If you are looking for local shops for the best and cheapest laptops in Dubai, then Deira (Murshid Bazaar) is the best. Murshid Bazaar stores are both wholesale and retail.

You can purchase the laptop from this store at a much lower price than you’d find in high-end stores. Prices for laptops in Dubai are generally cheaper than in the USA, primarily for two reasons.

First, there is more competition among retailers selling laptops in Dubai since it is a cosmopolitan city with many tourists and residents worldwide. Therefore, retailers must offer competitive prices to capture a larger market share.

Second, laptops are heavily taxed in the USA (up to 10%), whereas taxes on laptops in Dubai are much lower (around 2-3%). Thus, while considering all things, it is typically cheaper to buy a computer in Dubai than in the USA.


I hope this article will help you to decide whether you should buy a laptop from Dubai or the US. However, we suggest you consider purchasing a Laptop from Dubai because their prices are low compared to those in the US.

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