Eco-Friendly Gadgets for Sustainable Living

Buying refurbished desktops, sticking with your trusty gadgets, and considering renewable energy—are only a few steps to being sustainable with your gadgets.

When witnessing continuous developments and technological advancements worldwide, it’s easy to forget that most of our natural resources are finite. Therefore, we must remember to conserve and, if possible, replenish our natural resources so that future generations can prosper with what we leave behind. 

Sustainability is the ability to prevail and progress without depleting natural resources. By implementing sustainable practices, our society can advance without compromising future needs. 

Consumers realize now more than ever that the Earth will be inhabitable in the future if we don’t make more sustainable choices today, and big brands are taking notice of this shift.

One initiative large asset managers and investment funds use is the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) criterion that influences corporate policies and encourages companies to decrease their carbon footprint and operate sustainably.

Big companies with big budgets are not the only ones who can help further the movement toward sustainability. In your own way, you can aid the initiative by decreasing the carbon footprint you make throughout your life. One of the best ways to achieve that is to integrate sustainability into your use of technology.

The Movement Starts with You: How Can You Support Gadget Sustainability?


Consumer education on sustainable practices is key to decreasing one’s carbon footprint. For example, how many people do you know never shut down their laptops or leave their phones charged overnight? Doing otherwise can extend their gadget’s battery life by several years, saving energy and money in the process.

Often, consumers do not feel responsible for sustainability until they are made aware of the cumulative environmental impact of their actions.

Renewable Energy

Minding your charging habits is one thing, but adding a renewable energy source for all your energy needs is another. If you’re dead serious about sustainability and you have the means, you can look into investing in solar panels or small wind turbines for that household source of renewable energy.

A more budget-friendly option would be to purchase portable solar charges, solar power banks, solar generators, and many more.

Maximize Gadget Usage

It’s very tempting to purchase the latest device every year. After all, getting to experience all the new features is a must, right? Tech brands definitely didn’t convince you to need all those new features suddenly.

Well, the latest releases are always faster and better than the previous models, but before making that purchase, you must first ask yourself: Is your current phone really outdated? Will getting a new MacBook or the latest phone be worth the additional carbon footprint? If not, it wouldn’t hurt to stay with your current gadget for a couple more years.

Recycle Your Gadgets!

Now that you’ve avoided the temptation of buying a new phone or laptop, you find it’s justifiable to get a new one and realize it’s time to lay your old gadget to rest.

To avoid hazardous e-waste from improper disposal of old devices, consider reaching out to the many recycling programs conducted in your area. In addition, some manufacturers have recycling or trade-in initiatives you can explore to better dispose of your old gadgets.

Consider Pre-loved Gadgets

You can bring sustainability into your shopping process by purchasing pre-owned electronics. Doing this can help decrease a gadget’s carbon footprint by maximizing its usefulness and extending its lifespan.

Right now, e-waste makes up for around 70% of America’s toxic waste, but by normalizing used-gadget shopping, everyone can contribute to sustainability and slowly decrease pollution numbers.

The notion that used tech means “outdated,” “slow,” or “virus-riddled” must be addressed for this solution to be widely accepted. For example, a used smartphone can be in the market because the owner dislikes the colourway. Laptops, tablets, and computers sell because their owners traded them for newer models.

There’s also the market of refurbished units that are used electronics reconditioned to “like-new” status.

Buy Refurbished Gadgets

Shopping for a refurbished device allows you to purchase electronics that look and perform like brand new. In addition, a recycled MacBook has undergone and passed a thorough gadget reconditioning process, as discussed in detail below.

  1. Device Examination: A refurbisher will take the gadget apart to look for damages.
  2. Storage Cleaning and Erasure: The device will get all the data wiped from its hard drives to ensure data privacy and provide a clean slate for the gadget and its next owner.
  3. Internal and External Diagnosis: The refurbisher will check all internal and external functions to identify if there are any issues.
  4. Execute Repairs: Replacements will be made depending on the gadget’s issues using manufacturer-certified parts.
  5. Recheck: A final quality inspection will be done by certified technicians trained to deal with quality control.
  6. Cleaning: At the cleaning stage, refurbishers will carefully remove dust particles, stickers, and debris from the device with air dusters and specialized cleaning chemicals according to manufacturer standards.
  7. Testing: Lastly, the testing stage is when the refurbished device is checked for full functionality. The hardware is expected to perform like that of a brand-new device.

Here are Some of the Best Refurbished Gadgets to Look into for Great Deals!

  1. Refurbished Desktops: Looking to revamp your work setup at home? Consider refurbished desktops such as iMacs that provide you with discounts of up to 20% compared to the cost of buying one brand new.
  1. Refurbished MacBooks: If you have a modest budget, looking for a laptop with excellent performance can be difficult, especially if you want a MacBook. Luckily, a refurbished MacBook can give you up to 15–25% off compared to the price of a brand-new model.
  1. Refurbished Phones: Refurbished phones such as new model Androids and iPhones can be perfect if you finally decide to try that model you were always curious about. It’s also a big plus that exploring refurbished options can help you save up to 25% compared to buying the same units brand new.
  1. Refurbished Smart Watches: A refurbished smart watch is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the world of tech accessories. Considering this option may provide you with deals up to 50% cheaper compared to buying new ones!
  1. Refurbished Accessories: It’s bothersome when your charger, keyboard, or mouse suddenly breaks down. These accessories are essential to the proper function of your main gadget, so refurbished accessories are the perfect choice for those looking for affordable replacements. 

Making the Choice

Starting your pro-sustainability initiative by favouring refurbished gadget purchases is an excellent decision. Not only do you choose to go on an environmentally friendly route for your tech buys, but you also get the opportunity to save money while enjoying your “just as good as new” gadgets.

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