How Can I Record My Pc Screen?

Do you ever come across an epic gaming moment, a hilarious video chat, or a computer issue that would be perfect for a tutorial, but have no way to record it? We’ve all been there! Capturing footage from your computer screen doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

In this handy guide, I’ll walk you through the best and most simple screen recording software options, how to record your Windows 10 screen with just a few clicks, optimal settings for high-quality videos, recording both screen visuals and audio, editing and sharing your creations with the world! Grab some popcorn and get ready to become a pro-Screencaster.

What Are The Best Screen Recording Software For PC?

When it comes to recording your computer screen, you have tons of options ranging from complex professional suites to simple free apps. Here are some of the top programs to consider:

Camtasia – The creme de la creme of screen recorders used by professionals. Packed with features, effects, and editing tools, you can create polished, share-worthy videos with Camtasia. Just be prepared to pay up for this premium software. However, if you’re looking to save on your purchase, be sure to search for a promo code Camtasia to get a discount on this top-notch screen recording and video editing solution.

OBS Studio – This free and open-source software is hugely popular, especially among gamers who want to livestream or create YouTube walkthroughs. It captures video like a pro but has a bit of a learning curve.

Screencast-o-Matic – A straightforward tool with both free and paid versions. The free option adds a watermark while the paid makes markings disappear for slick, professional videos.

Windows 10 Game Bar – Don’t overlook the built-in Windows 10 game bar for quick and easy screen grabbing. Just hit Windows+G and start recording!

How Do I Record My Screen On Windows 10?

Capturing your Windows 10 screen is a piece of cake thanks to the Xbox Game Bar included with Windows. Here’s how to record screen videos in a snap:

  • Open the item you want to capture – Perhaps a browser window, Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet.
  • When you’re ready to start recording, simply press the Windows logo key + G. This launches the Xbox Game Bar.
  • Click the round camera icon to begin recording your screen. Feel free to add audio narration as you record.
  • To stop recording, press Windows+G again and select the stop icon. You’ll find your saved video in the Captures folder under Videos.

Could it get any easier? I think not! The Game Bar delivers smooth, no-fuss screen recordings in seconds. Now you just have to decide what funny, brilliant or helpful videos to create.

What Settings Should I Use For High-Quality Screen Recordings?

You can capture stellar screen recordings using the Xbox Game Bar, but if you want to take quality to the next level for professional videos, a dedicated recorder like Camtasia offers more customizable settings. Here are some tips for optimizing your screen recordings:

  • Resolution – Shoot for 1920x1080p HD or 2560×1440 for ultra-sharp image quality. Avoid low resolutions that look grainy.
  • Frame Rate – For smooth motion, aim for 30-60fps. Anything under 24fps appears choppy.
  • Bitrate – Higher bitrates between 15-20Mbps equal better quality, but create larger files. Find the sweet spot based on your needs.
  • Format – Record in widely supported formats like MP4 or MOV instead of proprietary ones.
  • Display Mode – Fullscreen captures everything on screen while window recording focuses on a single open application. Test to see what works best.
  • Mouse Effects – Consider enabling mouse click effects to help viewers track cursor movements.

With the right settings dialled in, your viewers will feel like they’re sitting right next to you during an action-packed gaming session!

Can I Record Both Video And Audio From My PC screen Simultaneously?

Absolutely! Capturing both high-quality screen visuals and audio narration or commentary takes your videos to the next level. Here are some ways to record both:

  • The Xbox Game Bar lets you add microphone audio while you record your screen. Just make sure you allow the app to access your mic.
  • Software like Camtasia records system audio from your PC as well as from an external or headset mic plugged in. Perfect for demos and tutorials.
  • You can even record your webcam video box-in-picture along with screen capture and audio simultaneously for a picture-in-picture effect.
  • For voiceovers, record your screen first, then add audio narration separately in post-production. This allows for a polished result.

Just be aware of potential echo or feedback if you record both externally through a mic and internally from your PC speaker. Some trial and error may be needed to get the sound just right.

How Can I Edit And Share My Screen Recordings?

With your epic screen recording in the bag, editing and sharing them is a breeze:

  • Use built-in Windows 10 Photos or Apple iMovie for basic trimming, transitions or subtitles.
  • Camtasia’s expansive editing tools allow professional-level edits like colour correction, zooming, animations and more.
  • Export your final edited video in a shareable format like MP4, then upload it to YouTube, TikTok, social media or your website.
  • Consider removing distracting UI elements like your desktop icons before recording for a clean look.
    Add background music to set the mood, but avoid copyrighted songs or overly loud audio.
  • Keep videos short and snappy for the social media crowd. Vine this is not, but still.
  • Customize your captions, end screens, intros and outros to make videos uniquely yours.

Screen recordings don’t have to be static and boring. With a dash of your unique personality, editing finesse and optimized export settings, you can create videos that pop! Now get out there and start recording, Spielberg.


Capturing amazing videos right from your computer screen is insanely easy and accessible using the built-in Xbox Game Bar or free software like OBS Studio. With the right settings, you can produce professional-quality videos with crisp image quality, smooth motion and synchronized audio.

Editing tools help give your videos a polished look before sharing them online or even on a big screen. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace your inner Scorsese and start rolling by recording your PC screen! Just maybe keep your acceptance speech short when you win that Oscar, okay?

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