Transforming Financial Dreams: From Zero to Hero – How to Earn with

Earning bitcoins in real life is doable and hilarious! In this review, let’s examine how.
What makes unique? Why did more than 18 million users choose to sign up for an account on this website? Why would you search for Bitcoin-related content on Google or YouTube when you frequently get results for this faucet? is it a scam? Because we wanted to get the answers to these and other intriguing questions, we produced a review of

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  1. Overview
  2. Free roll
  3. HI-LO game
  4. Lottery
  5. Bitcoin Bettings
  6. Golden Ticket
  7. Daily Jackpot
  8. Contest
  9. Everyone loves passive income! Deposit feature
  10. Tons of prizes to claim Reward Points
  11. Payments
  12. Conclusions


Like other websites, offers you the chance to obtain bitcoins without having to mine them or pay for an expensive ASIC or cloud mining service. It is not just a straightforward Bitcoin faucet. You have access to numerous daily opportunities to earn free bitcoins at The key attributes of this faucet are shown below.

Rolling Free

Free rolls are based on number extraction. You can receive anywhere between a few tens of Satoshi to more than 0,05,000,000 Satoshi every 60 minutes. It depends on the extracted number. You’ll receive more than 0,05,000,000 Satoshi from the jackpot! Is that intriguing? Today, check the price of bitcoin to find out why you should register with! To register. Do not forget to finish your registration by clicking the link provided by  in the email you received, and you can then start earning bitcoin right away.

Free Roll
Each range has a different payout. The jackpot number is 10000.






Furthermore, the unlocking bonus allows for a raise in the minimum payout. The progress rate is multiplied by twenty in the lottery and four in the Hi-Lo game!

HI-LO game

Game of Hi-Lo

The multiply BTC game is one of this faucet’s most intriguing features, and since this is a review of, we want to tell you more about it. Users must wait 60 minutes to receive extra bitcoins, but if they’d rather not wait that long, they can play the HI-LO game to grow their balance by up to 4750 times. It implies that a wager of 0,00000001 Satoshi has a 4749 Satoshi potential payout! Additionally, the jackpot in this game is 8888 and awards players up to 1 Bitcoin! In conclusion, players can win twice with the HI-LO game: once with regular wagers and once with the jackpot. To multiply your bitcoins, sign up right away! Go to  to learn more.



Weekly lotteries are also run for free by this faucet. Every time you play the HI-LO game or click the ROLL button to claim your bitcoins, you receive a free ticket. Users can also purchase tickets, which cost just two satoshis each. Sunday is a lottery drawing day.

The 10 lottery prices made available by every week

Bitcoin Betting

You may use your bitcoins to wager on sporting events such as football, baseball, rugby, basketball, cricket, F1, politics, the next president of the United States of America, future bitcoin prices, and more at The minimum stake is 0,00000001 BTC, which means you can wager anything from one satoshi to many bitcoins. Beginning bets have a high weight, so you can get a larger percentage of the prize pool. In addition, for every 0.00000500 BTC wagered, you receive one lottery ticket and one reward point. Below are some samples of bets on; click here to register


Bettings on where you can bet using your bitcoin.
Bettings on where you can bet using your bitcoin.

banner bettings you can big prize pool in bitcoin. bettings you can big prize pool in bitcoin.

The Golden Ticket

There are occasionally special contests on where you may win fantastic prizes such as a genuine Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2. To enter the event, you may either buy tickets with bitcoin or acquire golden tickets for free by playing the Hi-Lo games or betting.

One of the prizes of the golden ticket contest: a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2
One of the prizes of the golden ticket contest: a Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2

Some data regarding the Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2

  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Engine: 5.2 litres, V10
  • Power: 580HP
  • Torque: 533 Nm
  • 0-100Km/h in 3,4 seconds
  • Max speed: 320 Km/h
  • Double clutch transmission for better acceleration

The winner can also prefer to receive US$200,000 in lieu of the car, paid in bitcoins.

Daily Prize Pool

Every day on, you can win a jackpot allocated for the person who bets the most on bettings or who bets the most in the Hi-Lo Game. You can win on every day this way!


Sometimes there are competitions with very large awards. Winners will be notified by email, and the prize will be credited straight to their account.


Everyone want passive income! Deposit option

In our review, we’d like to highlight another interesting feature of this faucet: you can deposit bitcoins and earn 4.08% every year. Without doing any additional activities, you will receive daily interest on any sum in your account. To obtain it, you must have at least 30,000 satoshi in your account. It indicates that if the user earns at least 30,000 satoshi, he will receive a 4.08% yearly interest rate. If you have more than 0,00030000 bitcoins in other wallets, you can transfer them to the the wallet and get rate interest.


The interest rate is calculated daily, therefore you will receive passive income every day! There is no time limit for earning interest, and the sum can be withdrawn at any time. With this faucet, you can earn passive interest on your account balance every day.

Tons of prizes to claim 🎁 Reward Points now provides reward points that can be redeemed for prizes such as cellphones, action cameras, headphones, gift cards, bonuses, lottery tickets, or bitcoins. Users earn reward points for each activity they take on this faucet:

  • You claim bitcoins every 60 minutes and you get reward points.
  • You use the Hi-Lo game and you get reward points.
  • During the weekend users collect reward points two or three times faster than the other days.
  • An extra part of satoshi is hidden in reward points. Users can convert them into satoshi, so users can further increase their balance.


Obviously, when discussing the review, we cannot ignore discussing payments. This is a pay bitcoin faucet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00030000 BTC. You can add your Bitcoin address where you want to accept payments to your profile. There are three payment methods available:

  1. Slow: from 6 to 24 hours
  2. Instant: in 15 minutes
  3. Auto: receive payment every Sunday


We’d like to wrap up the review by saying that there are various ways to receive free bitcoins, and bitcoin faucets have become a popular option for anyone wishing to earn some bitcoin. When a user claims a faucet, he or she moves on to the next one and rarely returns because the incentive to do so is very tiny given the abundance of other faucets. When a user begins to utilize on a daily basis, they begin to see the true potential that has an impact on adding bitcoins more quickly than other bitcoin faucets.

It’s simple to use, and you can do it from your smartphone as well. It means that even while you’re not in front of your computer, you can claim extra bitcoins. After 60 minutes, an alarm sound will sound to remind you to claim your bitcoins. Most significantly, there will be no obtrusive advertising such as banner ads, pop-ups, or re-directs!

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