White edges and borders around laptop screen

Are you grappling with mysterious white borders on your laptop screen? Don’t worry! This issue is common and often linked to various software or hardware malfunctions. Let’s dive into how you can fix these pesky white edges and borders that are lurking around your laptop or desktop screen.

What’s Behind the White Borders on My Screen?

When the edges of your screen turn an alarming shade of white, it can send you into a spin. What’s going on here? It could be incorrect display color settings, corrupted graphics card drivers, or even a hardware glitch. But don’t panic just yet! Whether you need to protect your laptop in a backpack or address this display issue, solutions are at hand.

Understanding the Problem

The white edges on a laptop or desktop screen are not just an aesthetic issue; they can hamper your work or entertainment experience. These white borders might be the result of a wide array of underlying problems, including incorrect color settings, corrupted graphics card drivers, faulty hardware, or even issues with the BIOS.

How Can I Fix White Edges and Borders Around My Laptop Screen?

Get ready to give those white edges the boot. Here’s how you can resolve the problem:

  1. Update or Revert Graphics Card Driver:
    • Roll back the graphics card driver from the Device Manager.
    • If that doesn’t do the trick, head to the manufacturer’s website to download and install an updated version.
  2. Adjust Your Monitor Driver:
    • Still, seeing white? Update or roll back your Monitor driver using the Device Manager, just like you did with your graphics card.
  3. Reset Display Color Settings to Default:
    • Sometimes, it’s as simple as hitting the reset button on your display color settings.
  4. Update Your System BIOS:
    • A BIOS update might be the magic wand you need.
  5. Repair Your Desktop or Laptop Display:
    • If all else fails, don’t despair. Professional help is only a call away to fix the hardware.

And if you’re wondering why a part of your laptop screen is white, it could be the graphics card driver playing up or a faulty display. Update your driver or, if need be, connect it to another computer to check if the display is at fault. A repair might be in order if the latter is the case.


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So, there you have it! Wave goodbye to those white edges and borders and sail smoothly into a more colorful digital experience. Happy computing!

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